Easy as A ∙ B ∙ C !
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fast finger keyboards

Hunt 'n Peckers, rejoice! For years you struggled with a confusing keyboard layout that goes against your typing style. With the ability to toggle to alphabetical (ABC) or standard (QWERTY) key layouts, you can type comfortably while sharing use with other people who are accustomed to the standard (QWERTY) key layout.

fast finger keyboards is also the perfect typing tool for novices or beginners. Young children will find the alphabetical (ABC) layout immediately familiar and welcoming. As typing skills improve, simply switch over to the traditional (QWERTY) layout when ready. Happy typing and we hope yours are fast fingers!

Easy Installation

Plug & Play means installing is as easy as A ∙ B ∙ C!

Plug into a USB Port ∙ Adjust the height ∙ Select layout options

Key Features

  • Switch to alphabetical (ABC) or standard (QWERTY) key layouts with the press of a button
  • Instant messaging shortcuts adds common acronyms (eg. LOL, BRB, etc.) with one button
  • Internet shortcut buttons provides instant access to web browsing and e-mail
  • Media shortcut buttons allows easy music or video playback and volume control
  • Sleek and attractive with a low profile design


Fully compatible with PC and Mac computers. For Mac users, there is no built-in USB ports on the keyboard itself. A computer mouse must be plugged into USB ports elsewhere on your system and may require a USB extension cable. When using the keyboard on a Mac, the Windows keys will work as Command keys.

Instant Messaging Shortcuts

LOL: Laugh out loud

THNX: Thanks

TTYL: Talk to you later

HRU: How are you?

IMO: In my opinion

L8R: Later

CYA: See you

FYI: For your information

HOAS: Hold on a second

ASAP: As soon as possible

BRB: Be right back

BTW: By the way