Thanks to Skymall for a great year!


We at Fast Finger Keyboards are grateful for inclusion in the Skymall catalog this year! We sold a lot of keyboards and were exposed to a whole new market of travelers. Our relationship with Skymall was very productive!

Fast Finger Keyboards are no longer available through Skymall, but you can still order the  Fast Finger Keyboard, the only computer keyboard that switches from a standard, QWERTY layout to an alphabetical layout, by visiting at this link or purchasing one on the Fast Finger Keyboards website at this link.

We look forward to a great 2013 for all our one-finger typist customers — including children who don’t yet know how to type, people who use English as a second language who find our computer keyboard the most convenient way to express themselves in English, and all those millions of people who just plain struggle with typing. Happy New Year, everyone!

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