Faith Quintavell (who actually types quite well) one day noticed the frustration of an auto mechanic at a busy repair shop. He was struggling to type information for impatient clients waiting in line. The mechanic's hunt & peck method of typing was considerably hindering his speed of work. Faith, who was one of many people waiting, thought how quicker clients could be attended if the mechanic was as comfortable with his computer keyboard as he was with his auto tools. At that moment, the idea for fast finger keyboards was born!

Lynn Grieco, Faith's friend, is a big fan of instant messaging and has a daughter who also loves to chat online with her friends. She noticed how abbreviated instant messaging lingo was used over and over again as well as web prefixes like "www" and the "@" symbol. To save time spent on typing the same old key strokes, Lynn and Faith decided to incorporate messaging shortcut keys to fast finger keyboards.

Both Faith and Lynn are proudly based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvannia. They are thrilled to bring you the freedom of fast finger keyboards straight from the city of liberty!